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General public information regarding various markets and assets and Club updates will be posted here periodically. Members Only information will be shared via email with Subscribers or in the Members Area

The purpose of this page is to DOCUMENT publicly for prospective members what is actually and easily achieved by anyone who invests a little time and effort with us in GLAD Club.

October 2018 Update ...

Out of CELG with $10 per share profit.
Out of GLW with $8 per share profit.
Still developing 5G positions at $5-6 per share.
Still holding Bitcoin with stop loss at $6K per coin and still accumulating FREE Bitcoin daily.
Our first Futures Position grossed over $3K the first day and still holding for December expiration.
Members log in and refer to videos and stay tuned via Members Only email for Flash Alerts.
CONGRATULATIONS to all who took appropriate action during the month of October!

September 2018 Update ...

There's much to share Privately with Members! Here's ONE highlight for public display.
GLAD Club Sample Portfolio had yet another DOUBLE in ONE month, September!
I've given Members 5 picks that have potential to DOUBLE before Christmas!
In October, I will add 4 Crypto Currency picks to the 5 already shared.
BIG NEWS released between now and November 15th may create BIG MOVES!
CONGRATULATIONS to all Members who took appropriate ACTION!


September 11, 2018 ...

After 9/11/2001, I and others began buying when markets reopened.
That worked out very well thank you for all of us.
(Neither bragging nor complaining, just explaining.)
Today, 11 Sep 2018, GLAD Club 2.0 had its first TRIPLE!
300% ROI in just over 3 months in AMD.
CONGRATULATIONS to Members who took appropriate ACTION.
We're buying our next potential TRIPLE starting TODAY!

Update for August 17, 2018 ...

The catalyst I suggested via Private Video in GC Members Area in order for equity markets to increase, occurred yesterday! Among beneficiaries of this event at nearly $10 per share

Today's status of GC Sample Totally PASSIVE Portfolio for August 2018.
Stopped out of FB 3rd time, total ROPI +160%.

Back in AMD at 20, no promises of course, but looks like another good run UP.
Still in GLW and CELG with ample profits and growing daily.
Still bottom fishing NOK around 5 to build positions up to 6.
Private Video in Members Area, 4 crypto-currencies and catalyst for upside AGAIN!

NEW Private Video coming, "$5 + 5G = Legacy Generational Heritage Income?"

Update for July, as of 10 August 2018 ...

Stopped out of AMD at $20 per share for GLAD Club 2.0's first DOUBLE!

200% Total Return On PASSIVE Investment! That was easy! Next?

Current positions of GLAD Club Co-op's Sample Portfolio as of this writing …

Having entered Facebook at 150 and stopped out at 200, Total ROPI 133%
GC Co-op re-entered at 175 and stopped out again at 215, 2nd Total ROPI 123%
then re-entered 3rd time at 175 with current stop loss at 180.
(GC uses Total Return On Passive Investment to differentiate GC from
Ponzi schemes where one must worry about the return of funds,
much less any real profit, other than from referrals of other “investors”.)
Current position in Corning (GLW), entered at 27, current stop at 32.
Celgene (CELG) at 80 with stop loss currently set at 90 as of this writing.
Log in to your Members Area for Private Videos for new reccos and cryptos.


Update, Tuesday 10 July 2018 ...

Having taken $6 per share PROFIT on AMD and $50 per share PROFIT on FB, via our Stop Loss Orders, GLAD Club's Sample Portfolio has now re-entered into Trend Continuation Trades in both, having recouped our capital and set it aside for now, thus currently trading only PROFITS!
Members with 100 shares netted $5,600 PASSIVE PROFITS.
Members with 1000 shares netted $56,000 for the month of July, so far!
Traders who were fortunate to be able to proffer more risk capital earned much more, of course.
Additionally, we are looking to enter a Futures Position in Silver on a "Triple Bottom" at or below $16, if or when the market reverses to the upside, given that December futures appear to be seeking new lows currently around 15. And while past performance is no guarantee of future results, the last time we bought at 14-15, we sold around 30 for a DOUBLE!

Update, Friday, 22 June 2018 ...

After first month's over $10,000 profit taking in our sample portfolio.

  • AMD at $10, up $5.80 per share or 58% profit if sold today.
  • GLW, new position, at 27.50, up $1.50 per share or 5.455% profit if sold today.
  • FB at 150, up $51 per share or 34% profit if sold today.
  • NOK, new position, buying at 5.95 up to 6.
  • Still holding some Bitcoin that we accumulated for free, so all profit is 100%

Update, Friday, 20 April 2018.

As of this writing, our starter sample portfolio of one penny stock BLKCF, one $10 stock AMD, one $150 stock FB, and one digital currency Bitcoin, looks like this:

  • BLKCF, Global Blockchain Technologies Corp, up 11 cents per share from our 25 cent entry, so if we sold 1,000 shares today, we would gross $110 profit.
  • AMD, Advanced Micro Devices, is up 2 dollars per share from our entry at 10, so if we sold 100 shares today, we would gross $200 profit.
  • FB, Facebook is up 18 dollars per share from our entry at 150, so if we sold 100 shares today, we would gross $1,800.
  • Bitcoin is actually all profit because we accumulated it for free from various programs, but I suppose the best way to look at it is that it was valued at $3,000 per coin when we collected them, so if we sold one at today's price of $8,500, our paper profit would be $5,500 and our actual gross profit would be $8,500.

All things considered, over $10,000 gross profit from a tiny portfolio is not too shabby for starters, especially since our Club has not yet started, eh?

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